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PROPAGANDI is a virtual design group that produces all forms of communication. From graphic, web and multimedia design to high end photography, PROPAGANDI can solve all of your communication device needs. Based in Eastern North Carolina, the setup is a virtual design studio, calling on a group of colleagues to service clients. The idea was conceived to lower overhead and provide top quality services at a lower price. Due to lower operating costs, PROPAGANDI offers the high quality of brick and mortar design firms but at the price of your “Uncle Jimbo’s” sign shop.


Belinda Summerlin - Vidant Health
“I’ve worked with Greg (PROPAGANDI) on many projects over several years. He is super efficient and an expert at what he does. I’m amazed at how he can take a rather underwhelming location and compose a beautiful photo that meets all the requirements we list – and trust me, we’ve given him some real challenges. Greg is so easy to work with he feels like part of our permanent team when he’s here.”

Lisa Gennosa - GLT Media
“I was quite pleased when Greg Schremp (PROPAGANDI) asked me to write him a letter of recommendation. I think you will find that he is an outstanding candidate in the field of graphic design and photography and all things creative.

I have known Greg for more than five years. He worked with me in a collaborative effort on a national magazine. He worked tirelessly, with great professionalism and creative abilities. I was impressed with everything he brought to the table. Greg is exceptional at handling many demanding tasks at the same time with a composed and respectful demeanor. He is, without question, liked by all and is easy to work with. Greg’s academic and intellectual skills are impressive. He has won numerous awards and recognition consistently through the years and has taken those hard -earned skills into his work. I believe this is a great time for Greg to bring his breadth and depth of skill to new opportunities in graphic design and photography.

Greg is organized, efficient and knows how to get things done. He is exception ally conscientious, dedicated to hi s work and highly responsible. He has shown true strength with his career and his family and adheres to the highest ethical and moral standards. Greg is self-motivated, works well independently and is receptive to suggestions for doing things differently. Another important quality about Greg is his personal and professional maturity. At the same time, however, he has a delightful sense of humor and is a lot of fun.

As someone who has worked with a great deal of different personalities, skill levels and degrees of work ethic, Greg is someone that stands above the rest . I strongly recommend Greg to be a part of your endeavors. He will be an excellent asset.”

Webb Tyndall - Dixon Hughes Goodman Wealth Advisors
“Greg Schremp of PROPAGANDI is innovative, creative, and excellent at what he does. He has helped me in a number of contexts – for businesses and ministries that I have been associated with. He is a creative visionary, who can see the big picture, break down large goals into small tasks, and help you and your organization get superior results. He takes a consultative approach by asking great questions, understanding your needs, and then providing innovative solutions to meet those needs.

He has designed websites, created logos, developed marketing materials, assisted in social media campaigns, taken high quality photos, and helped businesses and ministries with improving communications and branding. I am a raving fan of Greg and PROPAGANDI.”

Vickie Riddle - Advance Mechanical
“Greg (PROPAGANDI) created our church’s website (Hollywood Presbyterian) and it went from there. He is easy to reach, always returning my calls and very affordable. We work on the same timeline and that is helpful to me in getting our work meshed together. Greg has been very helpful to me in getting my business online and keeping it fresh.”

John Wesley Linton - Sunday School Hype
“I have known Greg (PROPAGANDI) for more than 8 years and fell in love with his creative spirit and knowledge of a trending web world shortly after seeing his work. We worked together volunteering at a local church and his desire to go above and beyond was the reason I wanted him on my team. Greg has the ability to put to graphic and design what I can see in my head, yet fail to explain properly at times.

Upon working with Greg in a team like atmosphere, several like minded friends decided to create the non-profit, Rogue Revival. This colabaration has yielded tens of thousands of dollars in graphics, marketing, and consulting being given to churches and other non-prophit organizations within eastern North Carolina. From web design, icon and graphic imagery, photography, and full blown marketing…..Greg Schremp is always the first person I call!

I have worked in the concert promotion, management, and logistical helps and marketing industry for more than 15 years in the church community and Greg Schremp is just the best out there at what he does!”

Dan Black - Strategic Marketing & Design
“There is no limit to Greg’s talents, most people can only become proficient in one area. Greg’s as comfortable with a camera in his hands as he is with a computer mouse or replacing a water pump on a vehicle.

Greg can deliver top notch photography, retouching if needed, and original graphic/web design that stands out from a slew of generic designers.”


Greg Schremp | proprietor

Greg has been in the advertising, design and commercial photography industry for over 15 years. From the beginning at Overton’s to starting PROPAGANDI in 2008, he has strived to become a creative leader to the clients and businesses he serves.

He is that unusual individual that is a jack-of-all-trades and has mastered them as well. An excellent award-winning designer, he has won more awards for his catalog covers in the automotive industry than any individual in recent years. He has also won rave reviews for his photography, both in-studio and on location. Greg is also a web designer and a Photoshop™ expert without equal. The list of skills Greg has acquired is too long to mention.


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