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SportWorks - Week in the Life - PROPAGANDI | pronounced prop-uh-gand-eye | Design • Photography • Video • Web

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Joe Armen

Forever Reign
One Sonic Society

July 2013 – February 2014


In July 2013 we started work on a project that would span almost a year in total production time. Joe Armen, board member for SportWorks, approached us to create a video that documents and shows potential donors what Chuck Young and SportWorks Ministry does for ECU Athletics. The purpose was to show the videos for their annual banquet. So we had a hard deadline.

We started filming b-roll and other fill video while setting up interviews and testimonials of coaches, players and other people that have been a part of the ministry.

We ended up with a “Week In The Life”, Testimonial and spotlight and handful of testimonials. We also produced the event for the banquet and was a great success.

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