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Vidant Medical Center – Quality & Safety Images

In early February of this year (2013) Vidant Health started this project called Safety Habits. Each ad/poster image was composed to communicate these ideas: Pay Attention, Don’t Send Mixed Messages and the latest Does It Make Sense. These were individual shoots and the models are part of the administration of Vidant Health. The goal of this campaign was to bring awareness to the staff and move safety to the forefront. Posters, vinyl graphics and digital signage will be placed throughout campus to emphasize following good Safety Habits.

Quality Safety Shoot 2

Each of the final images below required a certain amount of post-process and manipulation to create illusion that will carry the concept of the image. Under the final images I have broken down some of the elements and process to create the final images for print.

Vidant Medical Center Safety Habits Portfolio
Quality Safety Shoot 1

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Vidant Health – Vidant Medical Transport Unit

As a photographer, I find myself meeting some very interesting people and getting to do some amazing things. I have been contracting for Vidant Health for 5 years and since day one I wanted to do a shoot on top of the Vidant Medical Transport (VMT) helipad. A couple months ago that day seemed to become a reality. The VMT team put in a request for a new group photo; would be the first in almost 15 years. What an honor. This team has been around for a long time and consisted of 10-15 team members in the beginning. Now today they are running around 150. My contact in the department, David Short, said to be prepared to have as many as 100 in the photo! The biggest group shot to date for me has been around 60 nurses for Vidant…well actually 200 or so for a Hatteras Hammock’s staff photo while almost being electrocuted by a power line but that is another post.

Vidant Medical Transport Shoot

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Vidant Health – Physician Photography

Earlier this year I was asked to take over physician portraits for a large health care system in eastern NC, Vidant Health. I have been working with them for a number of years, mostly commercial, location based photography. This new task presented a couple challenges: working around physician’s schedules and working around physician’s schedules. Everyone knows how “busy” docs are or at least that is how it looks. But to me it never really sunk in till I started to seeing behind the scenes. I thought my schedule was hectic. These people plan by the minute; I’m lucky if I go from my monthly calendar view to my weekly view.

With this my challenge was to travel to them but at the same time be consistent everywhere I went. Meaning, I take a full studio setup everywhere I go…Nags Head, Tarboro, Bertie County or as far south as Warsaw and Kenansville. All of these separated by as much as 3-4 hours drive time.

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